I could literally just watch this for hours

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friend: “i can only bring one friend. wanna go?” 



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From the film World’s Greatest Dad. RIP Robin Williams.

I wish you’d remembered this, Robin.

Had to stray away from my usual posts to reblog Mr. Williams on this sad day. RIP.

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I wish i could make you into a coat, but a living coat not a dead coat

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"Free Wi-Fi!"


"Please ask a staff member for details."


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Jake Evans calls 911 after killing his mother and sister:

911 Dispatch: Parker County 911, where is your emergency?

Jake Evans: Uh, my house.

911: What’s the emergency?

Evans: Uh, I just killed my mom and my sister.

911: What? How did you do that?

Evans: Uh, I shot them with a .22 revolver.

911: Are you sure they’re dead?

Evans: They’re dead.

911: Okay, I want you to stay on the phone with me. Are you alright?

Evans: Yeah, I’m alright. (The gun) is on the kitchen counter.

911: Jake, are you on any medication?

Evans: Uh, no. I’ve been going to the allergist, I’m on allergy medication. Other than Zyrtec and Advil and Pseudoephedrine, I don’t take anything else.

911: Is there any reason that you were so angry at your mother and your sister?

Evans: I don’t know. … It’s weird. I wasn’t even really angry with them. It just kind of happened. I’ve been kind of, uh, planning on, uh, killing for a while now.

911: The two of ‘em, or just anybody?

Evans: Pretty much anybody.

911: Why?

EvansI don’t know. I don’t really like, uh, people’s, uh, attitude. … I think it’s kind of, very, like, you know, emotional. They’re verbally rude to each other and stuff like that. I don’t know. It’s just my family is just kind of really I guess this is really selfish to say, but I felt they were just suffocating me in a way. I don’t know, I’m pretty, I guess, evil…Whatever, I’m sorry.

911: Were your mom and sister in their beds?

Evans: I don’t know. This is going to really mess me up in the future. I told my sister that my mom needed her. She was in her room, and she came out of her room, and I shot her. And she rolled down the stairs and I shot her again. And then I went down and I shot my mom maybe three or four times, but I’ll never forget this. My sister, she came downstairs and she was screaming and I was telling her that I’m sorry but just to hold still – that, you know, I was just going to make it go away. But she kept on freaking out, but she finally fell down and I shot her in the head about, probably, three or four times.

911: Are you in the kitchen?

Evans: Yes.

911: Where’s your dad?

Evans: He’s out of town. Washington, D.C. And, uh, I guess for future reference, I don’t really want to see any of my family members, like visiting or whatever. I just don’t want any type of visitors.

911: You don’t want to hurt yourself, do you?

Evans: Just to let you know, I hate the feeling of killing someone. (Sighs) I’m going to be messed up.

911: You just take a deep breath. We have deputies coming, and they’re going to help you. Just to let you know, we’re going to help you, we’re not going to hurt you.

Evans: I understand if ya’ll want to. 

911: No, we’re there to help you, Jake. Everybody thinks we want to do bad things, but right or wrong, we want to help people, and we’re gonna help you. Do you understand that, Jake?

Evans: Yes.

911: Is it a gated community? Is there a gate?

Evans: Uh, yes. You want the password? (He gives her the password)

911: It’s going to be alright, it really is. They’ll be there shortly, won’t be long now. Jake, would you mind turning any of the porch lights on?

Evans: I have turned the front lights on. (pauses) I was thinking of my sister. She was 15. 

911: How long ago did (the shootings) happen?

Evans: About, uh, 30 minutes ago. (breathes heavily)

911: You’ll be alright, Jake. 

Evans: I’m really worried about, like, nightmares and stuff like that. Are there any times of medications, and stuff?

911: Well, I think there is. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor but … I’m sure your family will get you the support you need.

Evans: I don’t mean to sound like a wimp or anything, but this is, wow, I’ve never, like, done anything violent in my whole life.

911: You don’t sound like a violent person. But um, help will be provided for you. Medical and psychological. That will be provided, so you don’t have to worry about that right now. Take deep breaths for me now, you’re doing fine. In through your nose, and out through your mouth so you don’t hyperventilate, okay?

Evans: (breathing)

911: Good, you sound a lot calmer right now. 

Evans: I didn’t want them to feel pain, that’s why I used a gun, but it’s like everything went wrong.

911: Jake, my officers are almost there, would you be willing to walk out on your own?

Evans: Um, yes, I forgot to say before I called, I put the gun on the counter, it’s still loaded.

911: Okay, that’s fine. I’ll stay on the phone until it’s time for you to walk out. Are you on your home phone? Is it cordless? 

Evans: Yes.

911: Jake, what I want you do to is walk outside, but when you’re walking outside, stay visible, don’t walk behind any furniture. When you open the front door, put your hands up in the air, just walk very slowly, and walk outside, and keep your hands visible, alright, sweetie? I’ll talk to you later.

EvansThank you (puts phone down)

911: You’re welcome.

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Whats red and bad for your teeth?

a brick

well you’re not wrong

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Sawney Bean

As the legend goes, Alexander “Sawney” Bean grew up in a town just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. With no interest in making an honest living, he ran away with a woman to a one-mile-deep cave in the mountains. There they would produce their infamously large, incestuous family of cannibals.

The family supported themselves by robbing and murdering travelers, and even the locals. They would butcher their victims and pickle the flesh to be eaten later. Unwanted limbs were thrown into the sea and occasionally washed up on nearby beaches.

After nearly 25 years of killing and eating innocent travelers, the Beans were discovered when a man and woman traveling from a local fair were ambushed by the family. The woman was quickly murdered and had her innards eaten by the females. The man, however, fought back and was saved when a larger group of fair travelers passed by and came to his rescue.

The travelers reported to King James IV what had happened. The King then sent nearly 400 men and bloodhounds to the Beans’ cave, where they found barrels of pickled flesh, limbs hanging from the ceiling, and piles of money collected from the victims. The Beans did not fight back upon being found and were taken to Edinburgh where they were to be executed. 

The death of the Bean family was brutal and gruesome, much like the way that they killed their victims. The men had their arms and legs cut off and were left to die in agony. The women were forced to watch the execution of the men and were burned alive afterwards.

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i feel like this is an america’s next top model challenge

Tyra is all like, “jail, fashion capital of the WORLD”

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